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The name "Aba + Ogüst" has its origins in France. For professional reasons I moved for some time to Lyon and good friends gave me a farewell rag doll named "Auguste". He is French and he knows France very well.

When my goddaughter Jacqueline was born and at the age of about 2 years a wonderful friendship between her and the doll Auguste developed, I presented Auguste to her. As the French name "Auguste" was very difficult for her to pronounce – at that age she only could speak the words "Mommy, Daddy, and Dodo" (it was my name) – she decided to give him the name "Aba". So "Aba and Auguste" became Jacqueline’s best friend in one single doll. And as Auguste is French, I just wanted to make sure that everybody pronounce the name as a French name and I changed the spelling to “Ogüst”

After so many years of playing, of friendship, of consolation and joy with his Jacqueline, Aba is even now very "sick" and he looks very worn out. Several operations were necessary to restore Aba, but he still suffers. Nevertheless, he lives with Jacqueline and now he has found even more friends who care for him.

Long live Aba and his faithful friend Ogüst.

Aba and Ogüst
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