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My name is Dorothee Thoma and I sew handmade dolls, monsters, princesses and other softies to the imaginative illustrations of children and according to my own stories and fantasies.

The idea for this work came to me in April 2012 when I found again a folder with drawings of my now 30-year-old son Eric. When Eric was a child, he liked to draw very imaginative – like most kids. His “artwork” was collected by us and archived in folders clean and tidy.

When I recovered these „painted treasures“ I did not want to let them just disappear again into the dark folders. So I decided to bring the painted figures “to life and to touch”. The result was the first softie “Blue Cat” which Eric had painted at the age of 5 years in the Kindergarten.

Meanwhile, some of these "friends" already exist and it makes me happy to see all details children discover in their imaginative world and put them on paper. Details, which are then taken into account when making the dolls.

A work that enchants.

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